Miya in the sequel to Indru Netru Naalai?

Miya, who played an important role in the time travel movie, Indru Netru Naalai (INN) could also be found in the sequel to the movie. Yes, a sequel has recently been announced, with Vishnu Vishal and Karunakaran rehearsing crucial roles.

Director Ravikumar, who directed the first part, also wrote the script for this project, and Karthik, who was an associate at INN, will handle the megaphone this time. But on the music front, Hip Hop Tamizha has been replaced by Ghibran.

So, what about Miya? Producer CV Kumar He says: Our idea is to retain the same artists who were there in the first part, except for the antagonist because his character dies. It is likely that Miya we will be the protagonist again, although we can not confirm it now. Dinesh Krishnan, with whom I have worked in some films, will replace Vasanth as the director of photography.