Dhopade returns, takes the second joint position; Mixed luck for Divya Deshmukh

NAGPUR: One day after playing a draw with International Master (IM) of lower ranking, Vidarbha He is the only Grand Master (GM) Swapnil Dhopade he did well to record an easy victory in the fifth round of the Commonwealth Chess Championship in New Delhi on Wednesday.

With his victory back in the international round of nine rounds, the railway employee based in Amravati jumped to the second joint position on a day in which the only International Masters (WIM) in the city Divya Deshmukh I had mixed luck.

While Divya, 14, battled against the second Indian Indian GM in the Open category, took the only advantage in the group of girls Sub-14 with a fluid victory.

In the open category, Dhopade used his opening advantage with the white pieces and beat Indian Fide Master (FM) Niranjan Navalgund in 46 moves. By opting for the Reti Opening, Dhopade made the most of the small mistake his opponent made before getting two extra pawns for a fluid win.

After a Reti Opening, the game became a Benko-type position that gave me some advantage. After his initial mistake, he had too many weaknesses on the board. I put pressure and won a pawn in the double-ended tower game. After putting more pressure, I won another pawn that left him with no other option than to resign, Dhopade told TOI in his third victory.

With this victory after a couple of draws, the tenth seed Dhopade took his account to four points and jumped to the second joint position. He is half a point behind the joint leaders Abhijeet Gupta and Debashis Das.

However, the best Sub-14 world teacher, Divya, suffered her first loss in the Open category when she fought against the GM of Kerala and the second favorite Narayanan SL in the third table. Defending with his black bits, Divya did well to tackle Narayanan's Reti Opening, but became a pawn to finally give up on the 35th play.

In her second successive tournament, Divya kept her winning career intact when she triumphed over Jyoti Bir on the top board of the sub-14 girls group. In defense of the black pieces, Divya pocketed the whole point and the top seed has now taken the unique lead at the end of three rounds.

In the Open U-8 group, Vivaan Saraogi of the city defeated Aman George Thomas for his third victory in so many rounds to share the joint advantage with four others.

In the group of sub-16 girls, Narayani Adane struggled to return to the match when the third seed defeated Tanisha Shital Gotadke with her black pieces. Previously, Narayani lost his second-round competition against No. 8 seed Rindhiya V of Tamil nadu .