Patel expects the I-League to coexist with ISL for 2 or 3 years, could knock on the door of the AFC

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New Delhi, July 3 () All India Football Federation President Praful Patel assured the I-League clubs that his future is safe and said he will approach the AFC to ensure that the league continues to coexist with the ISL for another 2 3 years.

Among other issues, the clubs sought clarification on the controversial move to award India's Super League (ISL) the highest level in Indian football according to the Master Right Agreement (MRA) signed between the AIFF and the IMG-Reliance in 2010

Patel said he will seek the approval of the Asian Football Confederation to maintain the current status quo for another 2 or 3 years, at which point he expects all concerned to reach a consensus.

This will be done only after consulting with FSDL, a subsidiary of AIFF's business partner, IMG-Reliance.

We do not want to pack the I-League. I should continue. But, ultimately, there should be a road map of Indian football. Two leagues can not continue permanently. The AFC will not allow it forever either. It's just a solution for the time being, Patel said after the meeting.

There is a historical problem with Indian football, within that framework, I think there should be a reasonable window of two to three years for the I-League to continue as well.

I can not give you any security yet because I have to talk to the AFC. The AFC also has to accept what I am saying. It may be our wish, but the AFC will have to agree. Our business partners should be consulted. At the end of the day, there are costs involved.

The I-League clubs said the AIFF gave them 24 hours to respond to Patel's suggestions.

The head of AIFF said: There are also rights that they (FSDL) obtained through the Master Right Agreement that we signed many years ago. Within that three-year framework, I believe that the I-League must also coexist with the AFC's most complete recognition for what is an AFC product.

It should not be something that is not recognized by the AFC. Therefore, the clubs of the I-League should not be lost in the upward movement either. These are just suggestions that we will try to talk to all concerned.

The I-League clubs also sought a resolution on issues related to the transmission of games and programming.

I agree that the I-League must also be produced and broadcast with high quality, said Patel.

The calendar will be from six to seven months, so the leagues will be parallel. The schedule of the games can always be changed. The I-League had some problems with the broadcast, the games were played before. All that can be solved. I told those of us that we are going to try to solve those problems.

Patel played down the uncertainty about the slots for the Asian Champions League (ACL) and the AFC Cup.

These are smaller problems, unnecessarily exaggerated. The real problem is that we have to get the two leagues recognized together by the AFC. Suppose that the AFC does not agree with our proposal, then that will be a problem. So we have for both the league to be recognized first, he said.

While they have been regular in the AFC Cup, the Indian clubs have never gone beyond the AFC Champions League play-off phase, the continent's highest-level club tournament, a fact that was not lost. in Patel. Tell me what Indian team played the AFC Champions League? That's what I'm saying. I have always said that the I-League is the league of the country and ISL has been a recent participant. So, the real problem is finding a road map where all the rivers flow into a larger entity. AH AH PDS PDS