Side entry: the government induces 40 experts in domains at the crucial middle level of the bureaucratic hierarchy

NEW DELHI: On Wednesday, the government said that it had decided, in principle, to designate out of the 40 positions in the levels of undersecretary and director in several departments.

On Wednesday, in response to a question in the Upper House, the Minister of State for personnel, Jitendra Singh, said that although the proposal has been approved in principle, no final decision has been made in this regard. In fact, when asked if a reservation was provided to the officers recruited through the side entrance, he said that it does not arise in view of the fulfillment of the twin objectives, that is. the infusion of fresh talent and the increased availability of labor through lateral recruitment.

The proposal to appoint experts in domains in the middle level of administration of the central government is based on the recommendations contained in the three-year action agenda of Niti Aayog and in the report of the sectorial group of

Government secretaries presented in February 2017.

Previously, he had recommended 9 candidates to be appointed joint secretaries in the central government at the side entrance.