Police investigate the problems of the public in the Cricket World Cup

LONDON: Police launched an investigation after unprecedented problems with the crowd at the World Cup match between Pakistan and Afghanistan in Headingley, during which several arrests were made.


West Yorkshire Police said they received reports of people climbing up a wall, assaulting staff at a door and a fan who went to the field in Saturday's game in Leeds.

The videos shared on social networks show a fight between fans outside the ground, with a metal barrier brandished and kicks, blows and screams.

Police said the mobile phone images showed people who had been assaulted and appealed to anyone who had been a victim or witness of an attack, or who had original images of the incidents, to communicate with them.

Superintendent Chris Bowen said the police in Leeds recognized the need for a complete and complete criminal investigation.

While these were isolated incidents, involving a relative minority of people who attended the event, the scenes that were witnessed were unprecedented in a cricket match, he said.

Although we do not receive any direct reports from injured people, the images shown show the people attacked during these incidents, he added.

Bowen said that the problems of the crowd in cricket were relatively unknown and that the game had been evaluated as low risk, without the need of a police presence.

He said that the police arrangements had now been revised and that there would be a greater police presence and party administration in Headingley this week.

The International Cricket Council said it would not tolerate antisocial behavior.