The secretary of Iu0026B writes to the personnel ministry looking for the extension for DG Doordarshan

NEW DELHI: The information and transmission secretary has written to the Ministry of Personnel in search of an extension of three months in service for the general director of Supriya Sahu.

Sahu, an IAS officer from the 1991 cadre, was appointed general manager of the autonomous public service broadcaster in 2016 for a period of three years, which ended on June 28.

In a letter to the establishment's official and to the additional secretary in the ministry, PK Triptahi, Khare said that the process of filling the position of general manager at Doordarshan would probably take more time.

Therefore, this matter has been discussed with and with the approval of the minister of information and dissemination, it is proposed that the competent authority considers the possibility of granting a three-month extension to Supriya Sahu as general director, Doordarshan, with effect from of June 29, 2019., Khare said in the letter dated June 28.

The position of general director in Doordarshan is governed by the General Director (Akashvani) of Prasar Bharati (Broadcasting Corporation of India) and the Director General (Doordarshan) (Recruitment), 2001.

In the letter, a copy of which is in PTI, Khare said: According to practice, the appointment of the CEO, Doordarshan, is made with the approval of the Cabinet Appointments Committee after the approval of the Minister of Information and Broadcasting. It is requested that the order of the competent authority be kindly communicated, he said.

By the way, Prasar Bharati had issued an order, the day that Khare wrote to the Ministry of Personnel, relieving and repatriating Sahu from the afternoon of June 28.

However, a few hours later, Sahu's relief and repatriation order to his frame status was held in abeyance, according to another order.