Center has not approved the change of name of West Bengal: MHA

NEW DELHI: The Center has not yet given its approval to change the name of as proposed by the Mamata Banerjee Government, the State Minister of the Union for the home Nityanand Rai said Wednesday.

Rai said this in a response written in Rajya Sabha to a question from MP.

No, sir, he said when asked if the Center had erased the name 'Bangla' for West Bengal as proposed by the state government.

Changing the name of a state requires a constitutional amendment and is done after taking into account all relevant factors, said Rai.

On July 26 of last year, the assembly of West Bengal approved a unanimous resolution to change the name of the state to 'Bangla' in the three most spoken languages ​​(Bengali, Hindi and English) and had sent the proposal to.

He suggested 'Paschimbanga' in 2011, but was rejected by the central government.

In 2016, he proposed 'Bengal' in English, 'Bangla' in Bengali and 'Bangal' in Hindi, which was also rejected. Finally, he proposed the name 'Bangla' in July of last year.

When the previous proposals were received, there was an objection from the central government that suggested that the name 'Bangla' had similarity to Bangladesh and it would be difficult to differentiate them in international forums, said a senior official of the events.

The 2018 proposal was also sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for its opinion.

The last time the name of a state was changed was in 2011, when Orissa became Odisha.

Bombay was renamed Mumbai in 1995, Madras as Chennai in 1996 and Calcutta as Kolkata in 2001.

The central government approved name changes for 11 cities in Karnataka, including Bangalore to Bangalore, in 2014.