Krishnakoli: Sujata to welcome Nikhil-Shyama?

The daily Bengali soap, 'Krishnakoli', is one of the biggest hits of 2018. The television series that tells the story of a dark village, did not take the time to occupy a special place in the hearts of the spectators. Beginner debutante Tiyasha Ray and the popular television actor Neel Bhattacharjee, in the lead roles, the program is tracking the TRP lists for several months.

Thanks to the high-voltage drama of innocent bahu and evil conspirators, the show never fails to satisfy the television audience with new twists.

A few days ago, the protagonist Shyama, who decided to act on a radio program LIVE as RJ. Krishnakoli , he was asked to leave Ghosh's residence after his mother-in-law, Sujata, knew the truth.

Being a loving husband, Nikhil (Neel) also left home. Shyama's father-in-law, Basanta, was hospitalized after the incident. Following turns after turns, Basanta, hospitalized, listens to Shyama's LIVE program and slowly regains consciousness.

Of course, such turns worked in favor of the program even during the Cricket World Cup season and the program received good PRT. Now the creators are ready to animate the story once again.

This time, realizing her guilt, Sujata will welcome her daughter-in-law Shyama to the house. Meanwhile, antagonists Rukmini , Disha and Radha will prepare to teach Shyama another lesson.

According to the sources, the manufacturers have decided to introduce these turns taking into account the season of the Cricket World Cup.

In addition, in recent times, the daily soap, 'Trinayani' is giving it a tough competition in terms of TRP. It will be interesting to see what new twist the show presents in the near future.