The next film by Kishor Belekar is based on the BMC rat killers

After Judgment, the actors will be seen together in Marathi movie 'Hajari', which is based on BMC rat killers

After his recent cinematic exit, Judgment, Tejashri Pradhan & Mangesh Desai have come together for another Marathi movie Hajari, which is based on real life of a rat killer. Directed by Kishor Belekar , has Mangesh playing the rat killer, working for BMC & Tejashri plays his wife.

Tejashri “Till Sometime back, I had no idea that Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation also had a post of a night rat killer. And when I got a chance to do this dark comedy, I was intrigued to know about such a person’s life,” shares Mangesh. He adds, “I met Mumbai-based rat killer Avinash Jadhav who kills over 100 rats a night & he is paid `30 per rat by the municipal corporation. It was heart-breaking to know that his marital life is in shambles because of his job; he also told me that people refuse to shake hands with him or interact with him because he has to look for rodents in the dirtiest alleys, holes & pipes.” mangesh 1 In their last film, Mangesh & Tejashri had played father & daughter, respectively. So, is there an awkwardness with both of them playing a filmi couple now? To this, Tejashri says, “With every film, you have to live a different life on screen. Mangesh & I share a wonderful chemistry as actors, so there is no awkwardness at all.” She, however, adds with a laugh, “The only problem is that I call him Mangesh dada, so I have to keep reminding myself that he is not my brother in the film.”