A cleaning unit to shine the Shri Ambabai temple in Kolhapur

The famous Temple of Shri Ambabai of Kolhapur went through cleaning as the residents of the area took up a cleanliness drive of the temple and its surrounding. Due to monsoon , a lot of algae collection has been happening on the top of the temple and its vicinity and hence the clean-up was taken up. Using modern tools and implements of cleanliness, the cleanliness drive took place with the help of youngsters and devotees of the temple. Even the inner sanctum of the temple wore a spic and span look. Areas like Garud mandap terrace, main temple’s Shikhara , Ganpati chowk, kasav chowk, peti chowk etc. were taken up under the cleanliness drive. Various outlets of water were also cleaned so that there isn’t water clogging during monsoon .