Sujoy Bhowmik looks forward to working with Jeet Gannguli

Singer Sujoy Bhowmik is preparing to collaborate with the musical director Jeet Gannguli . Although the project is not yet final, the sources said that the initial talks were over and that they could be unique. The song will be accompanied by a music video. From now on, Srijato is supposed to write his letters. Sujoy has high hopes for the project, the source added.

Besides this, Sujoy has worked in three more Bengali films by directors Raj Mukherjee, Kalyan Sen and Manosh Basu respectively. Among these, Manosh Basu's film will be released first. Even if this the project with Jeet Gannguli takes place, Sujoy will continue to work in the Bengali industry. I have always maintained that I have started his career here and will keep working in this industry till the time he gets work opportunities. Besides that, if he gets offers from any other place or industry, he will work there too, but his base will always be Bengal, informed the source.

Sujoy is a well-known singer of reproduction in the Bengali film industry. Born and raised in Durgapur , began his singing trip in childhood. At the beginning of his career, Sujoy began professionally singing Rabindrasangeet. Then it gradually moved to the reproduction song. He got his first chance in 2007 in the Tarun Majunder film, Chander Bari. After that, there was no need to look back for him. Since 2007, he has sung in more than 70 Bengali films. Some of them include Trishna, Hello Memsaheb, Life In Park Street, Love Connection, Target Kolkata, Jor Jar Muluk Tar, Premi No.1 and Joy Baba Bholenath.