The government will include 40 specialists from the private sector at the crucial middle level of the bureaucratic hierarchy

NEW DELHI: The Center decided to appoint 40 private sector specialists to the positions of Assistant Secretary and Director, considered as crucial decision levels in the bureaucratic hierarchy, Lok Sabha was informed on Wednesday.

In general, these positions are served by government officials selected through various Group A services, such as the NIC, and the promoters of the others.

Niti Aayog, in his three-year action agenda, and the sectoral group of secretaries of governance, in his report presented in February 2017, have recommended the incorporation of middle and upper level personnel in the government with the double objective of Minister of State for Personnel, Jitendra Singh, said that in a written response provided fresh talent and increased labor availability.

On this basis, it has been decided, in principle, to appoint external experts for 40 posts at the level of Assistant Secretary/Director. However, no final decision has been made about it, he said.

Faced with a question about whether the government was considering the sideways exits of the IAS officers in the central government services, the minister said there is no such proposal before the government.

Singh, in another response, said that the government, from time to time, appointed some prominent people for specific tasks in the government, taking into account their specialized knowledge and experience in the domain area.

PTI had reported last month that a total of 40 specialists from the private sector would probably be appointed to the government at the level of Assistant Secretary and Director.

The (UPSC), which conducts the civil services examination to select the Indian Administrative Service (IAS), (IFS) and (IPS), among others, had selected nine private sector specialists as Joint Secretaries in April of this year.

The positions of assistant secretaries are in charge of the NIC, IPS and other government officials on duty.

The Ministry of Personnel had invited applications in June of last year for joint secretary rank positions through the side entry mode.

The way of lateral income, which is related to the appointment of specialists from the private sector in governmental organizations, is considered an ambitious step of the Modi government to attract new talents to the bureaucracy.

A total of 6,077 applications were received in response to the government announcement.