The new web series of 'The Grill' by Sharan Koppisetty, director of 'Kirrak Party'

After the campus The film Kirrak Party, a new version of the film in Kannada Kirik Party, the director Sharan Koppisetty has presented a web series entitled 'The Grill', news that he recently shared on his social networks.

The new digital series has 10 episodes that are broadcast and is hosted in Viu, full of relatable and aspirational content. 'The Grill' follows the life of Arjun, played by Santosh Sobhan , a fresher engineering school and four freshman ones. engineering students , trapped in a bitter rivalry with their elders. During his stay at the university, he gets into many crazy things with his roommates, with each episode full of life lessons like bro code freeing yourself, testing freedom for the first time, turning passion into a career, loving what you do, initiating culture and embracing life in the university.

Apart from Santosh, Viva Harsha stars like Ganesh and Maira doshi as Aaradhya, giving sincere performances, along with other cast actors.