Written update of Krishnakoli, July 2, 2019: Shyama saves Nikhil's life

In the last episode of Krishnakoli , Nikhil He is glad that his mother sent him his favorite dish. You can also feel how much Sujata They are missing later, ask everyone to join and realize that Shyama is a vegetarian. But Nikhil is sure that his mother must have felt something for Shyama too.

Proving his assumption right, they find out that Sujata has sent a veg dish for Shyama. Seeing it, Shyama 's eyes get moist.

Arun asks his mother to go back while she observes Nikhil and Shyama 's delight. Being a mother, she gets satisfied noticing her children happy. She too gets emotional.

Arun suggests his mother to take them back. But Sujata is still hesitant. Arun realizes her dilemma and says they will make all the arrangements before welcoming Shyama and Nikhil back.

Shyama shows her gratitude for being blessed with a family where everyone loves her. Sujata is still lost in Nikhil 's thoughts.

Shyama prepares soup for Basanta. Nikhil says that Basanta wants to meet her but Shyama is hesitant to meet him fearing Sujata 's reaction. Nikhil gets surprised since she wanted to meet Basanta on the other day. To her surprise, Nikhil shares that Sujata has asked her to meet Basanta. She gets overjoyed listening to this. Nikhil reveals that his mom was watching them from the window during dinner.

Radha is still furious with anger. She asks her mother to visit the hospital.

Sujata meets Basanta in the hospital. The doctor shares that Nikhil came to meet him. Basanta is eager to meet Shyama and Nikhil.

Meanwhile, Shyama and Nilhil are seen on the street when trying to hit Nikhil. Shyama saves him somehow. It is shown that Disha He is behind the conspiracy.