The Bollywood actress reveals how Aditya Pancholi drugged her, raped and blackmailed her.

Actor Aditya Pancholi he was granted provisional reparation by the Civil Court and Mumbai Sessions in the case of a violation brought against him by a Bollywood Actress. the bail Reportedly, it was granted until July 19. Recently, a major newspaper reported that the Actress He has detailed how Pancholi drugged, raped and blackmailed its.

The Actress also reportedly stated that she met a senior IPS officer in 2004-06 and narrated what she had been through with Aditya, but no action was taken against him. As per reports, the Actress two-and-a-half page statement to the Versova police . She reportedly stated that in 2004 she came to Mumbai with the dream of becoming a big actor and that year she met Aditya Pancholi who was almost 22 years older than her. She used to stay at a hostel with a group of girls.

She further added and said that In 2004 she went to a party with him. Sometime after having a drink she started feeling dizzy. She suspected that he (Aditya) had spiked her drink. After the party got over, he said he will drop her home. So she went with him. He stopped it in the middle of Yari road and started getting forcefully physical with her. He took photographs of, which she was not aware of. She told him he was her father's age and she wants to marry someone who is as old as her. Then, he showed her all the photographs he'd taken of her inside his car and started blackmailing her and threatened to show these pictures to others. Later, the Actress shifted to Pallavi Apartment with her aunt. Even there he would come to that flat all the time with his friends and get forcefully physical with her. He used to spike her drinks which would make her feel dizzy after having them. He would also assault her and click her photos.

In 2006-2007 she bought a flat in Versova and started living alone. Pancholi made duplicate keys and trespassed into her house and assaulted her. The Actress also claimed that Aditya's wife Zarina was aware of the entire situation. Zarina told her that she felt happy whenever Pancholi was not at home and said there will be peace at home only when he's not around.

Later, he began to despise money from her, but the blackmail did not stop. She stated that she has threatening messages that he sent to her sister and brother.