Written update of Koilamma, July 2, 2019: Kokila changes the plan of Ramesh Chandra

In the last episode of Koilamma Ashok is glad that they are visiting Srirangapatnam after a long time. Manoj tells how he came close to finding them in the village, but he could not. Ashok explains that they had to escape because of Chinni ( Kokila ). Lakshmi says he wants to accompany them to Srirangapatnam. Manoj says that the whole family will go for the trip.

At home, Ramesh Chandra discusses the honeymoon plans of his sons and daughter-in-laws. Srirangapatnam arrives and invites Ramesh Chandra and family for the annual fair at their place. Though Ramesh Chandra declines the request, Kokila convinces him to attend the same. Sameer and Sindhu reluctantly accepts the same.

Lakshmi feels bad thinking about Kokila. Ashok asks Lakshmi to forget Kokila. Lakshmi replies that she was just thinking about the ancestral property that they sold off.

Kokila gets excited about visiting her hometown after a while and thinks of informing Lakshmi the same. She backs off recollecting Ashok's warning in the past.

Sindhu is miffed about going to the village instead of the honeymoon. Sameer says they can drop if she does not want to. She says this is the chance to find out Kokila 's motive behind visiting the village and expose her later. Sameer also echoes with her. They hear some noise close to their room. Sameer finds Kokila there. I have shouts at her for overhearing their conversation. Kokila talks back and this leaves Sameer annoyed. This grabs the attention of the family who quickly gathers around. When Ramesh Chandra asks the reason, Kokila quickly covers up. But to love he realizes that she was lying. He asks about the same thing later.