Written update of Karthika Deepam, July 4, 2019: Deepa decides to teach a lesson to Monitha

In the last episode of Karthik to Deepa m , Sourya is confused to see Deepa jumping out of joy Deepa does not reveal anything to her.

Monitha reaches home disappointed. She recollects her encounter with Deepa and wonders how come the latter is so confident about her missing daughter. She vents her anger upon Srilatha.

At home, Hima is disappointed to realize that Deepa has left. Karthik questions Soundarya about Deepa 's sudden visit. Soundarya replies That Deepa had a nightmare about Hima. Karthik does not buy her lies. He demands Anand Rao to reveal the truth but the latter gives a diplomatic reply. Karthik says that he will end the drama soon. Soundarya and Anand Rao are clueless about Karthik's plans.

At night, Deepa gets a call from Karthik 's mobile. She wonders what makes Karthik call her. She takes the call and Hima greets her. Hima explains that her friend's father had a cardiac arrest and that is why she had to leave when she (Deepa) came home. Hima also asks Deepa the reason behind her sudden visit and emotional hug in the morning. Deepa quickly covers up and asks Hima to talk to Sourya. Deepa is delighted to see her daughters Sourya and Hima conversing.

She also suspects whether Monitha is truly aware that Hima is her daughter or was it just a blind guess. Deepa determines to teach Monitha a lesson for torturing her all this while.

During dinner, Karthik finds Soundarya bruised and asks her about the same. Soundarya gives a cold reaction.