Ke Apon Ke By written update, July 2, 2019: the fate of Saheli favors her at the time of exposure

In the last episode of Ke Apon Ke Por , Saheli he learns that the lady sent by her (who pretended to be Dr. Khasnobis) was arrested by the police. She asks Palak to visit the hospital right away. Palak, who has not idea about Saheli's plan, starts wondering.

Meanwhile in the hospital, the imposter sent by Saheli is under police custody. Joba He arrives at the place and begs him to reveal the person who appointed her.

The lady does not succumb to the pressure and remains silent when the police officer discovers her mobile phone and asks him to give her the password.

Meanwhile, the doctor who performed Koel's surgery arrives and says the procedure was successful. Param and Joba get overjoyed. I have said that Koel will be fine pretty soon.

Right when the cops pressurize her to disclose the identity of the person who hired her, Saheli and Palak arrive in the hospital. Param and Joba notice Saheli 's facial expression seeing the culprit under police custody and grow suspicious over her.

Suddenly, the lady under police custody decides to reveal the name of the person who appointed her. Saheli gets panicked and gestures her not to reveal anything. To everyone's surprise, the lady shows the photo of the middle man through whom Saheli appointed her. Seeing her photo, Joba and Param get shocked as she is the same person who tried to steal Kuhu several times.

At home, Tanna is still furious with anger. Rinki does not support him at all and says he should not have behaved badly with his grandparents. She praises Itu for saving Amiya and Lata. It makes Tanna even more furious.

Relatives meet Koel at the hospital. Sarthak, who is aware of the incident at home, asks his parents to take firm action regarding Tanna.

Seeing Joba and Param back home, Itu heaves a sigh of relief. Both Joba and Param praise Itu for her courage and say they are proud of her.