Bigg Boss Tamil 3 episode 9, July 2, 2019, written update: Vanitha digs in Madhumitha for not using Mangalsutra

In the last episode of Bigg Boss Tamil 3 , as part of the morning's task, Madhumitha is asked to give a motivational speech to the housemates. Madhumitha shares how she does not attend get-togethers or participating in audio launches and does not have friends. In her words, she does not believe in adjustments and compromises. Madhumitha says is not able to shine big in the film industry, probably due to that reason. She tries to remain too strict and hence might seem to be a bit old fashioned in the film industry.

Madhumitha 's speech does not go well with some of the housemates. Vanitha says, Madhumitha is going off the track and Cheran says, there is no need to drag her speech regarding film industry for so long. A number of housemates feel that their speech is a bit negative. As Madhumitha faces interruptions, she changes the topic and talks about daily routines and closes the topic after the buzzer rings.nVanitha gets miffed by the words uttered by Madhumitha and shares her opinion with Sherin Shringar. Sherin says, Madhumitha wants to project herself as the ideal Tamil girl and wants to malign others. Sherin accepts Vanitha's points and shares she does not like Madhumitha 's' shaming and blaming' attitude either.nIn the presence of Madhumitha, Vanitha tells Reshma that she does not like Madhumitha's hypocrite attitude. The argument turns into a big one and Vanitha says, if an artist does not participate in audio launches or media interactions, it is considered as irresponsible acts.nVanitha says, indirectly hits Madhumitha for not wearing Thali (Mangalsutra) during the show and calls her a 'hypocrite'. Vanitha asks Madhumitha to shut up and they eventually end up in a big fight.nThen, Kavin read the announcement of the next luxury budget task called Ennava Irukkum. The housemates are asked to divide into 4 teams formed by 4 members in each team. The things that happen in the area of ​​activity are transmitted LIVE to the other partners. In the task called Ippave Kanna Kattudhae, Vanitha Vijayakumar You are asked to pick up a bodybuilder sitting in a vehicle. Vanitha completes the task successfully and gets 1000 points and bananas as her gift. Later, Tharshan and Sakshi Agarwal You are asked to rearrange the magnetic puzzles which have Kamal Haasan's picture. Apart from just reading the task letter, Meera gives tips during the task, which is not allowed according to the rule. Finally, Sakshi and Tharshan could not finish the task and their points for the luxury budget.nAs they come out, Kavin explains the rule and highlights that Meera made a mistake by interfering during the task. The other housemates point out Meera's mistake too. During the incident, Meera speaks disrespectfully to Mohan Vaidya. He gets miffed and shouts at her and asks her to show respect.nMeera bursts into tears. Kavin says, I have just explained the rules and never meant to offend her. Meera apologises to Sakshi and Tharshan for their interference during the task.nMohan also apologises to Meera for talking rudely. Losliya and Cheran empathise for Meera being cornered by multiple housemates. Sandy tries his bit to calm down Meera.nMeera and Mugen Rao try to sort out the differences between them.nMeera tells Losliya and Madhumitha, that people can not pretend long and their real face will certainly come out.