ICC 2019 World Cup: the heroics of Rohit Sharma highlight the absence of a special ton of Virat Kohli

WORLD CUPWORLD CUP BIRMINGHAM: If a Salman Khan star does not win Rs 40-50 on the first weekend and Rore 100 finally, it is called a failure, such has been his attack rate on the delivery of mega hits.


Virat Kohli, considered the best hitter in the world in all formats, is in a similar situation in the World Cup. He has always played for the team, but he must still be disappointed as he has not made the big and decisive contributions to which he is accustomed.


In absence of Shikhar Dhawan , India's batting is almost completely dependent on Rohit Sharma and Kohli for winning large sums. Sharma is a specialist in making hundreds of those parents who pulverize the opposition. Kohli, the master of the hunt, turns the fifties into hundreds with a ridiculous regularity, at a pace that is better than anyone in ODI cricket in this regard.

Somehow, in this World Cup, these two teachers have left when they look in complete control. Sharma, however, has made his starts good and with some luck, he has beaten four hundred in the tournament. With his 104 on Tuesday, he now leads the batting table with 544 runs, while Kolhi is seventh with 408.


It is the first time in his career that Kohli has scored five consecutive fifty, but has not reached the hundred. In the 226 ODI entries he has played, Kohli has surpassed 50 incredible 95 times and has made 41 of them into hundreds.


But it has been so prolific that sometimes it becomes impossible that even Kohli lives up to the benchmark. Kohli's reaction after being fired by 26 against Bangladesh summed up his mood. He threw one of his gloves to the ground and looked completely shattered.

The scores of 18, 82, 77, 67, 72, 66 and 26 will make any batter credit. But for Kohli, at best it's even. In the great scenario that is the World Cup, he would have loved to get two or three big ones. Kohli still has at least two more entries to make a larger statement. The law of the average suggests that a special Kohli is just around the corner.