4th state of West Bengal to cross the 50% quota stop

KOLKATA: The Bengal Cabinet on Tuesday approved the 10% reserve for the economically weakest sections (EWS) in the state government employment category and educational institutions. The flare so far had a total of 48%. The share of EWS will be 10% of the remaining 52%, equivalent to 5.2% of the total pie.

Of the 48% reserve, 22% was for scheduled castes, 6% for scheduled tribes, 17% for other backward classes and 3% for people with disabilities. This was within the limit of the 1992 Supreme Court order that limited reserves to 50%. The decision of the Mamata Banerjee government to add a 10% fee for EWS now takes this beyond the SC limit.

Officials said after the cabinet announcement that the new quota would block 10% of 52% of non-reserved positions (or seats in educational institutions) for the SAT, which implies that the additional reserve would amount to 5.2% of the total . Therefore, the total reserve positions proposed would amount to 53.2% (48% plus 5.2%), they explained.

This would make Bengal the fourth state later, and cross the 50% reserve limit.