TRS, Congress in war of words about the construction of a new Secretariat.

HYDERABAD: The government and the opposition got involved in a war of words on Tuesday over the decision of the state government to build new buildings and legislatures here.

In response to the leaders of the state Congress who expressed strong opposition to the construction of new buildings of the Secretariat and the legislature, the leader of TRS and Minister of State V Srinivas Goud argued that Congress had closed or sold to state companies in Hyderabad during his government.

Goud, who appointed some of these public sector firms, said: They did not build anything. They have sold the existing ... They (the Congress) are creating a stir when it is proposed that the buildings be built in the space available.

On Monday, Congress expressed strong opposition to the decision of the TRS government to build new buildings here, saying that existing ones were in good condition, as they were built about 30 years ago.

Congress MLAs and other leaders, who visited the Secretariat buildings, also said that there were other more urgent issues to address, apart from the construction of new buildings.

Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, the senior leader of Congress, Marri Shashidhar Reddy, criticized the TRS ruling in the construction of new buildings.

Previously, on many occasions, he had said he remembers Tughlak's rule when the Kaleswaram project is being redesigned ... There can not be a crazy action bigger than the demolition of assembly buildings.

People would not acclaim this movement ... (Chief Minister) Chandrasekhar Rao ji does not have the power to misuse public money with the madness 'Vastu', Shashidhar Reddy told reporters.

Prime Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao, on June 27, put the ball to roll for construction and buildings with innovative ceremonies.

The new Secretariat buildings of Rs 400 million rupees would arise in the existing housing complex several blocks away, near the Hussain Sagar lake.

It is proposed to build the new buildings of the legislature in the city complex.