Chhattisgarh: minors kill a 5-year-old friend with a screwdriver, discharge the body into the pond

RAIPUR: In a shocking case, a group of underage children brutally murdered their five-year-old friend with a screwdriver for a small plucking dispute mangoes of the tree in Chhhattisgarh. The boy's body was recovered from a pond on Monday after his friends told his family that the kidnappers kidnapped the boy and that the police had started looking for him.

During the investigation, the children collapsed and confessed to having attacked him in the eye and head with the screwdriver and throwing him into the pond to die.

However, the police said that all children are under seven years of age and that criminal proceedings for children up to the age of seven can not be carried out.

According to Janjgir-Champa superintendent of police Parul Mathur, “The five-year-old deceased boy, along with his five friends, all aged below seven years had gone to a nearby pond in Dabhra region to pluck mangoes from a tree on Sunday. One of the main accused who climbed up the tree decided to throw the mangoes down for deceased Sahil to collect, but Sahil, instead, ate one of the mangoes . This infuriated the boy and after getting down from the tree, he started quarrelling with him. As he was carrying a screwdriver along, he took it out from pocket and attacked him on his eyes directly and on his head. This left Sahil bleeding profusely and he fell unconscious which caused the other children to panic.”

For fear of being scolded by their parents, the children helped the main accused to drag the unconscious Sahil a few meters towards the pond and threw him into the body of water. When Sahil did not return home late, her parents asked friends who said that she was abducted by bacha chor (kidnapper of children) and told that she was in a backpack.

The horrified parents rushed to the police station and reported the matter as a case of kidnapping when the police formed a team and launched the search. Sahil's body was recovered from the pond on Monday, after which a continuous interrogation of the children revealed the true story.

The SP said that the versions of all the children and the sequence of events coincided. The post-mortem report revealed that Sahil died of drowning.

The SP added that although a case under Section 302 was registered for murder, now that the defendant involves four children under the age of seven, the police would comply with the law. The IPC establishes that children under the age of seven, if they are involved in a criminal act, can not be presented for criminal proceedings because they are too young to decipher that the act is criminal. In the case of children aged between 7 and 12 years, the case will be taken by merit of the maturity parameter of an individual, for punishment. The SP said that the present case presented would be, therefore, void.