Ghaziabad: Executive kidnapped in taxi for 3 hours, stolen

GHAZIABAD: a 43-year-old executive from a car component manufacturing company was allegedly robbed of Rs 1.15 lakh and a gold ring by a taxi driver and three of his accomplices after he took the taxi from the train station to his residence on Sunday night. .

He was allegedly abducted at gunpoint for three hours and beaten by his colleagues, forcing him to reveal his ATM card. Later, the four withdrew Rs 1 lakh from their account. They also snatched his wallet with Rs 15,000, cell phone charger, earphones and new clothes and some dried fruit that he had bought, before throwing it near a school in Vijay Nagar in the early hours of Monday.

Santosh Kumar Jha, his younger brother, told TOI that Manish was returning from Patna on Sunday. Seemanchal Express was supposed to reach Ghaziabad around 9.30pm but it was delayed by three hours. After getting off the train, he took a taxi from the outside, but did not notice that there was a person sitting inside, he said.

As soon as he climbed into the cab, the driver stepped on the accelerator. In a very short time, the person sitting next to the driver pointed a gun at him. A little later, two other people boarded the vehicle and made my brother sit in the middle. They had weapons and knives and they started hitting my brother. He was forced to part with his debit cards and passwords. They mainly beat him on his hands and knees, Santosh added.

The test lasted more than three hours. Around 3.30 in the morning, Manish was expelled from the vehicle near the Jindal Public School. In a badly injured condition, she sought the help of a bystander who told her to wait for the police to patrol the vehicle. After traveling a considerable distance on foot, Manish finally saw a police patrol bicycle and narrated the crime to the police.

Based on their complaint, an FIR under IPC 392 (theft) was filed at the Vijay Nagar police station. SP (city) Shlok Kumar said that teams have been formed to investigate the case. Noida police have also been informed because the money was also withdrawn from Noida's ATMs, he said.

Similar crimes were reported in Ghaziabad in March of this year as well. A 30-year-old dentist was robbed by four people in an auto-rickshaw, including the driver of the vehicle, while she was returning from her clinic in Vaishali. They beat her and kept her in the moving vehicle for about 45 minutes. His mouth had been gagged after he had bandaged his eyes and tied his hands and legs with ropes.