The Chinese navy launches two new guided missile destroyers

BEIJING: China, Which Is Developing Its Armada At A Feverish Pace, Has Commissioned Two Guided Missile Destroyers That Carry The Total Of Those Warships To 20 Plus In The Pipeline, Reported State Media On Monday.

Two Guided Missile Destroyers Type 052D Launched Last Friday In Dalian, A Coastal City, State Global Times Reported

The Commissioner Marked The 19 And The 20 Of The Releases Of His Type, Said The Report And Quoted Chinese Analysts Saying That There Are Plans To Build More Guided Missile Destroyers.

China Now Has 20 Type 052D Either In Active Service Or Will Be Enabled Soon For Service, According To The Report.

The Destroyers Are Fast And Highly Maneuverable Long-range Warships That Are Also Used To Accompany Aircraft Carriers.

The Army Of The People's Liberation Army (PLAN, By Its Acronym In English) Held The Month Past Its 70th Anniversary, In Which The Ships Of India, Including The Missile Destroyer Developed In An Autonomous Way, The INS Kolkata, Together With The Cargo Ship INS Shakti, Participated In The Review Of The Fleet Made In Qingdao.

The PLAN Is Currently Considered As The Fastest Growing Marine In The World, With New Vessels That Are Added To The Fleet Monthly.

If He Has An Aircraft Carrier, The Liaoning, Which Was Commissioned In 2012, His Second Aircraft Carrier Currently Built Is In Test Phase And A Third Is Being Built At A Feverish Pace. China Plans To Acquire Between Five And Six Carrier In The Next Years, According To Reports Published In The Official Media.

As Part Of The New Military Doctrine Defended By President Xi Jinping, The 2.3 Million Chinese People's Army, The Largest In The World, Has Reduced The Size Of Its Army By Three Thousand Rupees In Recent Years And Has Enlarged Its Navy And Multiple Air Force To Enhance Your Global Influence.

The Chinese Navy, For The First Time In Its History, Has Logistics Bases In Djibouti, In The Indian Ocean, And Is Developing The Port Of Gwadar Of Pakistan In The Arabian Sea. China Has Also Acquired Hambantota Port Of Sri Lanka In A Debt Swap For 99 Years.

Wei Dongxu, a Beijing-based military analyst, told the Global Times that China might have more than 30 destroyers in the future.

" The Platform (Type 052D) Is Quite Reliable And Uses Very Mature Technologies, Which Makes It Suitable For Mass Production, Wei Said, Noting That The Destroyers Will Play A Crucial Role In The Air Defense System Of China's Fleet.

The National Development Saw Significant Improvements In Its Predecessor, Type 052C. It Is Equipped With Weapons And Equipment, Including Advanced Active Electronic Scanning Matrix Systems And 64 Vertical Launching Missile Cells, According To The Report.

The Ship Is Able To Undertake Missions, Including Escorts And Air Defense, Chinese Analysts Said.

The Vessels That Were Launched At That Time Were Two Of Type 055, The Most Advanced Destroyer In China With A Displacement Of More Than 10,000 Tons And 112 Cells Of Vertical Launching Missiles.

The Can Can Provide Stronger Air Defense Umbrellas For, For Example, A Carrier Combat Group, But It Is Not Necessary To Ship A Ship With Its Caliber For Each Mission, Since For Many The Smallest And Least Expensive Type 052D Would Be Enough Wei Said. .

The Navy Of The United States Currently Operates Over 60 Destroyers Of The Arleigh Burke Class And More Than 20 Cruisers Of The Ticonderoga Class.