Kim Kardashian apologizes and promises to rename the range 'Kimono'

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian West has decided to change the name of its range of strips' Kimono 'after receiving a violent reaction to cultural appropriation.

Kardashian West faced a storm of criticism over the name of the label, and many complained about his choice of kimono that did not respect Japanese culture and that ignored the meaning of traditional attire.

The businessman initially defended the name saying that he would not change it. But on Tuesday, she posted in Twitter that will soon announce the new name of the brand.

My brands and products are built with inclusion and diversity at their core, and after careful reflection and consideration, I will launch my brand Solutionwear with a new name. I'll be in touch soon. Thank you for your understanding and support always. she tweeted

Among the many who had called Kardashian West to reconsider the name, was the mayor of the former Japanese capital of Kyoto .

In a letter that he also shared on social media, the greatest, Daisaku Kadokawa, had said, Kimono is a traditional ethnic dress fostered in our rich nature and history with our predecessors' tireless endeavors and studies and it is a culture that has been cherished and passed down with loving care.It is also a fruit of craftsmanship and truly symbolizes the sense of beauty, spirits and values ​​of Japanese.