The vacant positions of reserved categories in the government departments show the caste mentality of BJP: Mayawati

LUCKNOW: Supreme BSP Mayawati on Tuesday he accused the governments led by the BJP in the Center and in the state of little interest in filling reserved positions in the government departments, saying that it was indicative of the narrow and casteist mentality of the party.

If the BJP governments had shown the same seriousness in filling the vacancies for the SC/ST and OBC that they had demonstrated by granting reserves on the Marathas economic base, the members of these private sections would have benefited a little, he added. . Head of BSP He said.

Addressing the leaders of her party here, the BSP president said that people belonging to the private sectors of society, who had the right to obtain reserve benefits, continued to be victims of negligence.

This only serves to demonstrate the narrow thinking and mentality of the BJP governments, he emphasized.

Referring to the government's decision to include 17 on the SC list, the BSP president said that this would only increase the problems of the people.

Earlier, a similar move was made by the SP government to gain political mileage, she He said.

The Head of BSP said the manner in which the quota limit was being hiked above 50 per cent in some states, the demand for increasing the quota for SCs/STs and other backward sections in proportion to their population would gain ground.

The BSP president also reviewed the organizational and Western UP issues and asked his members to visit those belonging to the sarv samaj to assess their problems.

Mayawati also expressed concern over the law and order situation.

She said that not only the poor and private sections, those belonging to the sarv samaj were also victims of the poor situation of law and order.