Bala: Ayushmann Khurrana treats his team with his latest release, Article 15.

Ayushmann Khurrana has been receiving praise from all sectors for its latest release, 'Article 15' for its impressive performance and its strong argument. The actor, who is currently shooting for his next film, Bullet recently took out his entire team to see the film and needless to say it has been an incredible gift for them. Ayyushmann has been filming in Lucknow for his next Bullet and on Monday , after the filming session of the day, he took all his team to see Article 15 in a theater next to his hotel. Ayushmann took all his team, including the director of 'Bala', Amar Kaushik, to a theater in Lucknow to see the 'Article 15'. The team spoke with the actor to show the film and an impromptu plan was made after the day's work. Bala's team was impressed by Ayushmann's performance and the brilliance of the film. Ayushmann was obviously incognito so that no one could recognize him in the theater. He entered as soon as the show began and left immediately when the film ended and eluded the crowd, a Lucknow source said.

Bala's director has evidently loved the incredible performance of his main actor. Amar posted on social media saying: Article 15 is one of the best works of art in Indian cinema. This is the kind of movie I wish I had done and I hope to reach this level someday. This is how you should do a thriller !! Congratulations Anubhav Sinha for giving us this gem. Fantastic sound design and crisp editing take the film to another level. And what a stellar performance from Ayushmann Khurrana, matlab kya kiya hai .. Lucky to have you in Bullet .”