Yeh A Dinon Ki Baat Hai written update, July 1, 2019: Sameer becomes jealous over the closeness of Raghav and Naina

The episode of Yeh A Dinon Ki Baat Hai begins with Raghav asking Naina, Rakesh and Sameer about their lie. During the conversation, Sameer tells Raghav that he is Naina In other places, Preeti apologizes to her husband for his lie and shows him the photo of Raghav. They share a cute joke.

Raghav pulls Naina, Rakesh and Sameer 's legs and says how do they remember so many lies. They all think about their next plan.

Raghav suggests that till the time he does not get a job, they should pretend to be a husband-wife. Raghav shares that Vanita and her husband have invited them over dinner. Rakesh gets angry, but Naina convinces them by saying that they will act as if they did not get along and everyone will advise them to divorce.

At Vanita's house, she asks Raghav and Naina about when they got married and they give different answers. Sameer gets angry thinking about Naina and Raghav enjoying the dinner. So he forces Rakesh to eat along to Vanita's house. I've lands up at Vanita's house with Rakesh and they do a drama. Vanita's husband asks them to join them for dinner.

Sameer succeeds in joining Naina and Raghav for the dinner. Vanita asks Naina to give food to Raghav, but Sameer holds Naina 's hand below the table and does not let her serve food to Raghav.

Naina drops hot food on Raghav's hand as Sameer pinches her. She gets scared but Vanita advises them to use the first aid box to treat her wound. Later at night, Sameer and Naina get into an argument. He gets jealous for getting close to Raghav. She learns about Sameer getting jealous and they share some romantic moments.

They are disturbed by Rakesh and Raghav. Rakesh discusses with Sameer about their plan to end the husband-wife drama. Rakesh asks Raghav and Naina to have an ugly fight during Holi celebrations which will convince people that they are not made for each other and they need to separate.

Naina agrees but Raghav reminds them that they have to ensure that their job should not get affected due to the fight. Sameer reports Naina about his Ad shoot that he has next morning.

Next morning, Naina applies to pinch of color on Sameer and asks him not to worry about the celebrations. She tells him that she has already informed everyone about his ad shoot and has asked them to not apply colors on him.