Bigg Boss Marathi 2: Will the KVR group fall apart? Veena decides to play her own game.

In season 2 of Bigg Boss Marathi, Kishori, Veena and Rupali, who are known as KVR group in the house, were formed in the first week itself. But then Parag also joined the trio. His group was loved by most Bigg Boss fans and his fan pages are also formed on social media platforms.

Despite the big fights in the house, the three best friends: Kishori, Veena and Rupali have always stayed together. Many failed to break their strong bond.

But it seems that the KVR group will soon fall apart, as Veena has decided to play the game individually.

After Parag's departure from the show, the three had promised each other that they would go together at the end. But eventually, Rupali and Kishori began to point out flaws in Veena's behavior.

In the next episode, when Veena will get sick, Rupali does not speak to her. This hurts Veena. He even shares it with Kishori.

Finally, Veena and Rupali get into an argument. Rupali tells Veena that she did not ask about her health because she was hurt by her changed behavior. On this, Veena says: Kishori and you play in a team, I will play my game individually.