Demand in Rajya Sabha to regulate false news, indecent language

NEW DELHI: On Tuesday, a lawsuit was filed to frame a law to regulate and use indecent language on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

When raising the problem through a mention of Zero Hour, the leader of the Congress, Digvijaya Singh, said that the communal disturbances and the social gap are being created by the circulation of false news on social networks.

Studies have shown that false news is more dangerous than terrorism, he said.

He said that the lies and indecent language used on Twitter and other social networks trigger community disturbances and create a social divide.

Many people (tweeting false news) are followed by large people, he said without naming anyone.

He demanded a comprehensive law to check the indecent language and the spread of community poison in social networks.

President m Venkaiah Naidu He said that the question raised was important, but there is a need to develop a consensus, otherwise there will be complaints of trampling freedom of expression.

N Gokulakrishnan (AIADMK) demanded to extend the 25 percent reserve to the natives and locals of a state in all 48 central universities.

He said that the reserve of 25 percent for locals in all courses at the University of Pondicherry has not been implemented despite the fact that the academic executive council accepted such a move in 2013-2014.

Vijay P Sahasrabuddhe (BJP) wanted the government to present safety guidelines to control the abuse and addiction of online games.

He said that China does not show blood in games, Australia has banned 220 games and South Korea does not allow some children under 16 years to play.

It is essential to formulate guidelines for online games for the safety of children, he said.

Ram Nath Thakur (JD-U) wanted rules to review mushroom training centers.

TK Rangarajan (CPM) criticized the movement to corporatize production units of.

Indian Railways is looking to separate its production units of rolling stock and locomotives and associated workshops into a new government entity called the Indian Railway Rolling Stock Company.

The corporatization will lead to the denial of reservations to OBC since that provision does not apply to private entities, he said.

Vishambhar Prasad Nishad (SP) demanded the payment of Rs 3000 per month to farmers in the Bundelkhand region, where cattle destroy crops.

Such damage to crops, he said, is not covered by crop insurance.

While Saroj Pandey (BJP) wanted yoga to be included as part of compulsory education, Satyanarayan Jatiya (BJP) wanted service lanes to be built along roads and safety supplies, such as ambulances, to be made.