Decision on the attached speaker placed in backburner

(This story originally appeared in on July 2, 2019) New Delhi: The election of vice president of the Lok Sabha It seems to have been put on the back burner since the government is concerned about other important issues in the House. In addition, the efforts to grant the post to a party that does not belong to the Congress or to the NDA have not yet materialized.

The new elected government was first linked to important issues such as the election of the speaker, the President's speech, the debate on the speech and then legislative actions as the Parliament assents to the extension of the President's Rule in Jammu and Kashmir, the draft of law for the reserve to those who live in the international community. the border and the next budget that will be presented on July 5. The sources said that superior leadership in the Narendra Modi The government felt that the issue of the vice president could be addressed later.

There is already a panel of 10 members who can preside over the proceedings when the speaker is not there. Therefore, the work of the vice president is not suffering, said a senior minister, explaining why there is no rush to elect a vice president.

On June 21, Speaker Om Birla had nominated BJP Lok Sabha members Kirit Solanki,, Rama Devi and Rajendra Agarwal to chair the proceedings in the absence of the Speaker and the Deputy Speaker. Now, the panel has 10 members with the remaining six drawn from other parties, sources said.

BJP had approached BJD and YSRCP with the offer of the position of vice president, but the two parties were reluctant to accept it, according to reports. Although BJD Brass could not concentrate on the deputy who could become vice president, YSRCP was not very interested, since accepting the offer would weaken his struggle for Andhra Pradesh. The opposition can claim that YSRCP is close to the Center and, therefore, is not trying to obtain the special status. YSRCP also has a Muslim and Christian base of support in Andhra Pradesh and can not be considered close to the BJP, said a senior leader.

Lok Sabha rules do not specify any deadline for filling up the post.

In case the non-Congress parties do not agree, BJP may offer the post to one of its partners. Shiv Sena has expressed its willingness for the post and also has the highest number of Lok Sabha MPs after BJP in the ruling alliance.

In the case of the, the vice president was elected at the end of the monsoon session in August 2018. The BJP explored all the options and handed the position to the JDU ally who presented Harivansh as a candidate.