Written update of Tujhse Hai Raabta, July 1, 2019: Kalyani exposes Aao Saheb

In the last episode of Tujhse Hai Raabta , Kalyani Question Anupriya what love really is The last one tells her that she does not know what it is, since she herself has not experienced it.

Kalyani then calls Malhar and informs him that she has removed the flowers from the room. He Question her to concentrate on studies. Kalyani tries to ask how love happens, but Malhar doesn't pay any heed to her.

In the next scene, Malhar is seen in the kitchen. Some utensils fall on the ground, making Atul think that Kalyani is working in the kitchen. I got upset. However, you see Malhar cooking for Kalyani. I feel relieved.

Next, Aao Saheb Question Anupriya to go to college, but after she leaves, Aao Saheb pretends to fall from the bed. Aparna comes to her rescue and even Anupriya rushes to her aid.

However, Kalyani captures the truth in a video. She shows it to Aao Saheb and others, and then Question her to apologise to Anupriya . She threatens to make the video viral if she doesn't. Left with no option, Aao Saheb apologises to Anupriya .

Kalyani Question Anupriya to get ready for college. She then goes to her room and finds Malhar waiting for her. He Question her to study and decides to feed her himself. While he makes her eat, Malhar also helps Kalyani with her studies.

The two share some romantic moments. After Malhar leaves, Kalyani goes to Kaka and Question him about love. He tells her to focus on her feelings than anything else. He also Question her if she feels like getting ready for someone.

Kalyani is baffled. Just then Anupriya calls and Kaka looks at himself in the mirror to see how he is looking. Kalyani teases him for the same.