Forest officers deserve respect, not violent blows from politically backed hooligans

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Randeep Hooda He is well known for not throwing back many punches. Following the recent news of a Forest range officer being beaten mercilessly by a group of men in Telangana, the Bollywood actor went one step further, marking PM Narendra Modi in a twitter post asking him to intervene on the issue. The incident came to light when a video went viral on social media, in which Forest range officer (FRO) C Anitha is seen being beaten up with sticks and rods while she was on duty. She along with other police personnel was there for a tree plantation drive. Hooda shared the viral video, and said, “an attack on uniformed personnel of the state is an attack on the state itself” appealing for a response from the state’s representatives as well.

pg1_randeep3 Now, the news that the main defendant, Koneru Krishna Rao and 15 other people who accompanied him have been arrested and charged with attempted murder, has been a relief, says the actor, who has been following the case very closely .

pg1_randeep It is strange to be asked why he chose to react, when no celebrity in the Telugu or Telangana film industry raised a voice against this. And what does that mean? This is my country and I have every right to speak about issues that bother me and do everything possible to call the attention of people or authorities on any issue that deserves attention. Since a friend shared this video of the official lady who was beaten and asked if I could do anything about it, they bothered me. I am glad that the DGP of Telangana and the government have taken strong measures against the perpetrators, says Randeep, adding: It is disturbing to see how a local mafia with political power can dare to do something. How atrocious, that too with an official lady! Is absolutely

unacceptable. I have immense respect for the officers of EEI and the people who work to improve our country.

pg1_randeep2 Hooda has been, in the past, applauded and criticized for his intervention in social issues. Although most of the opinions do not refer to the themes of the silver screen, it maintains a very active presence in social networks and has always shared its perspectives and made its voice heard on social networks. I have always been interested in environmental problems and I have also been doing my part. I work at the grassroots level and I am in contact with many people. So, I know what are the problems faced by officers working in the forest department and how they live in hostile conditions. They deserve respect. the local people are becoming hostile simply because they have some political support, it is simply not finished, he says emphatically, emphasizing the fact that we should all raise our voices when such problems come to our attention.

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