Chhattisgarh: teenager fails, tells the director that she was raped for 4 years

RAIPUR: A counseling session with a class IX girl to see why she failed her exams revealed a surprise: the 15-year-old girl was raped by two married men from her village for the past four years.

She opened up to her principal while advising her why her grades were falling. The school informed the police, who immediately arrested the two defendants. One of them already served time in prison for rape and his wife had committed suicide because of shame.

The principal and the teachers of this child's school had realized that she was one of the smartest and happiest girls until Class VI, when she suddenly started to go bad in exams and finally failed in Class IX. She had calmed down and lost interest in the studies and activities that moved her before, said one teacher.

Every time someone asked, she found a way to escape the conversation. But after she failed the exam, her principal sat her down and began to advise her. She doubted, but the director persisted. Finally, she collapsed and revealed the awful truth.

She was in Class VI when a neighbor of 35 years attracted her with chocolates, beat her and raped her. She said she could not understand what had happened. All I knew was that I was scared. And in pain.

The violations continued. He would wait for her to come back from school, when her parents were still absent from work, and they would rape her. Soon, he called a second man, 30 years old, and the gangrapas began.

She told the police that she was too scared to say anything because the duo had threatened to kill her. Also, she was in a trauma and did not know who to turn to. She says that it began to affect her mental balance, her behavior and her studies. The director consoled her, informed her parents first and then called the police. On Sunday, an FIR was presented and suspects arrested under the POCSCO Act in a matter of hours.