Suppliers ask for the settlement of quotas before Thursday

Lights Camera action! These are the three words that bring any movie or TV living unit. But, by the end of this week, the Bengali film and TV industry may have a tough time getting things in order, as suppliers have set a Thursday deadline for clearance of his long wait membership fee Otherwise, they will stop providing essential items for any set: lights, cameras, costumes, accessories, furniture, etc.

The backlog of payments for the cast and crew of a few serials has been haunting the West Bengal Motion Picture Artists’ Forum for the past few months. We have now learnt that the actors have got their membership fee at last after a series of meetings and technicians too will be paid this week. But there’s still no hope for the suppliers, who made the above announcement in a protest on Monday. A few people from Tollywood tell us what awaits the industry if the suppliers’ demands are not met and they indeed stop working.

Why should the industry suffer because of one or two producers?

The whole industry, even those who are not at fault, will suffer if the suppliers stop working. My question is why should the industry suffer because of one or two producers? Suppliers of costumes, cameras, lights, furniture, costumes, props etc are an integral part of a unit. It is extremely sad that the suppliers are yet to get their membership fee from some producers, as we all are working for money. I hope the issue gets resolved before Thursday so that work can go on smoothly.

Dev actor

Sarkar frog should talk to suppliers and reach an agreement

When Sarkar frog is clearing the membership fee of actors and technicians, why is he not paying the suppliers? He should talk to them and reach an agreement. He won’t be doing any favour by paying them. They are only asking for their own hard-earned money. Their payments are long due, and the suppliers are justified in their demands. If they stop working from Thursday, the whole industry will have a tough time, as we are all dependent on them for costumes, cameras, lights, furniture, costume and props etc in the film and TV industry. These people are in distress today. They have worked without getting paid for the sheer love they have for this industry, but how long can they continue to supply us without getting their membership fee ?

- Debdut Ghosh actor

Big repercussions await the industry

We all are dependent on suppliers to run a serial or film. Their refusal to work will have great repercussions on the industry. They are like the pillars of a unit and their contribution is unconditional. They work day in and day out and all they get in return are false promises. How long can this go on? They also need money to run their families. It will be good for the industry if their membership fee , at least a portion of it, are cleared before Thursday. It will give them an assurance that they will receive the rest of their payments in due course.

Ditipriya Roy , Actress

It is good that they have set a deadline

Suppliers are a very important part of our industry. Without them, we can not function. Can you visualize a set without props, camera and lights? Where will the actors get their costumes if the toilets stop supplying? The contribution of suppliers to a film or series unit is unparalleled. It is unfortunate and unforgivable that they have not received their payments for months. It is good that they have established a deadline until Thursday for their payments to be made or will stop working.

Nandita roy director