Santosh Gangwar says the OSN job data is misleading and the opposition screams

NEW DELHI: A discussion on the state of employment generation in the country led to dramatic scenes in Lok Sabha on Monday, with a war of words that broke out between the opposition and treasury banks, each of which claimed that the information provided was misleading.

Responding to a question about the job creation data raised by the Congress deputy, Minister of the Union Santosh Gangwar He stated that the reports on the high unemployment rate were bhramak (deceptive). His claims, however, were rejected by the opposition, which accused him of cheating the House of Representatives even when they claimed that the high unemployment rate was deliberately bleached by the Center to win the recent LS polls.

However, Gangwar said creating jobs is a key priority for the Center, including ensuring that the House of Representatives was ready for a discussion on the state of employment.

An OSN survey that ran from July 2017 to June 2018 suggested that the unemployment rate in India reached its highest level in 45 years, rising to 6.1% in 2018.