Separatists close schools, their children go abroad: Minister of the Interior

NEW DELHI: Promising an adequate response to the elements that call for a rupture of India, Minister of the Interior Amit Shah On Monday he said that the children of 130 separatist leaders are studying or have studied abroad, even when these leaders make calls to close schools and universities in the Valley.

Shah said the separatists have no qualms about inciting Kashmiri youths to shoot and warned that they will not get a quarter, even when he stressed that the Center has worked to reopen schools and health facilities under President's rule. We will win the hearts of the people in Kashmir ... They will embrace us, he said while responding to a debate on a resolution to extend the President's government for six months. The Upper House unanimously approved the extension of the President's Rule and the Ju0026K Amendment Act (Reservation).

The Rajya Sabha unanimously approved the extension of the President's Rule and the Amendment Bill Ju0026K (Reservation). The draft quota law will take people residing in areas adjacent to the International Border within the scope of the quota along with people living in areas adjacent to the Line of Control. The Lok Sabha had passed both tickets.

While stating that those working against India will be given an appropriate response in their language, home minister Amit Shah underscored that the government's commitment to the policy of 'Jamhooriyat, Insaniyat, Kashmiriyat' should not be taken to mean that the forces who want to divide India will be spared.

The Interior Minister also responded to the divisive debate on Jawaharlal Nehru and decisions on Jammu and Kashmir, saying that although he wanted to reduce the prestige of the first Prime Minister of India, history would treat post-Independence errors very harshly.

He stressed that a country that does not learn from its mistakes does not end too well. He also insisted that criticizing Nehru's decisions did not imply that he was questioning his intentions. The Congress must answer for the historical errors committed by them: why the Nehru government went to the UN despite the accession of Kashmir to India? Why did you agree with a plebiscite that, in any case, is out of the question today? He asked.

How many schools have been closed and burned; murdered teachers and suspended studies in schools in the name of boycott ... There is a leader whose son has studied and is working with a salary of Rs. 30 per month in Saudi Arabia. The son of another leader has studied in London and is now a doctor in Saudi Arabia. Two children of Asiya Andrabi (separatist leader arrested in the case of terrorist financing of Ju0026K) have studied abroad and their third child is attending higher education in Malaysia and here says the school should remain closed, said Shah.

Shah's harsh conversation comes amid reports from separatist leaders interested in holding talks with the government and indicates that the government is not in the mood to commit to the Hurriyat at this time.

Responding to opposition charges that the government was ignoring the bill's scrutiny by parliamentary panels, Shah cited that during UPA-I, 207 of the 248 projects presented in Parliament did not go to any parliamentary panel and during UPA-II, its number was 125. out of a total of 180 bills. He said that, in contrast, 124 of the 180 bills submitted during Modi 1.0 were referred to these committees.