The avatars of Spider-Man that are not Peter Parker

While the action movies live in Spiderman all have focused on Peter Parker - 10 so far - there are dozens of other characters who have put on the spider costume in the Marvel Universe

Ever since Spiderman waltzed into our collective conscience in 1962, the character has been a favourite of millions around the world. We all know his alter ego – Peter Parker. We all know about how he got his powers – radioactive spider-bite, and we are all aware of his tragic backstory where he had to step up after his uncle’s death. But while the live-action movies on Spiderman (there have been 10 so far) have all focussed on Peter Parker, there are dozens of other characters in the Marvel Universe who have put on the red and blue spandex and called themselves Spiderman (or some derivative of that).


While most of these alternate Spider-Men were created for one-off storylines or comic series, many went onto have their own spin-off titles and fan bases. Quite often, the different versions of Spiderman cross over into each other’s universes and storylines for a joint adventure. In last year’s Oscar-winning animation film ' Spiderman : Into The Spider-Verse', six different versions of Spiderman teamed up to fight a common enemy.

In fact, Tom Holland He has expressed his desire to take this concept to live action as well, igniting the hopes of a film that shows him with the other two actors who have played the role: Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield. Of course, I would love to make a movie with those guys, the actor told an entertainment magazine in the United States, adding: It would be great! And it's something that fans really want.

Some of the most popular alternate Spiderman versions

While there are over three dozen alternate Spiderman versions, here is a look at some of the most popular and bizarre ones.

spider` (L-R) Miles Morales, Peter Parker and Spider-Gwen

Miles Morales: Perhaps the most popular of all alternate Spiderman versions, Miles Morales is a teenager from New York who takes up the mantle of Spiderman after Peter Parker’s death in The Ultimate Marvel universe. Miles has a similar story to Peter in that he is also bitten by a radioactive spider and loses his uncle. Miles was the protagonist of ' Spiderman : Into The Spider-Verse', and was voiced by Shameik Moore.

Spiderman Noir:
This is Peter Parker from the 1930s, and while he has no superpowers, this version of ' Spiderman ' depends upon his fighting abilities and Sherlock Holmes-like intellect to fight crime in a Depression-era New York City. The character was voiced by Nicholas Cage in 'Into The Spider-Verse.'

There is a universe (Earth-65) where instead of Peter, Gwen stacy was bitten by the spider radioactive and she adopted the mantle of Spider-Woman (known among fans as Spider-Gwen, to differentiate it from other versions of 'Spider-Woman'). Hailee Steinfeld expressed Gwen in 'Into The Spider-Verse'.

spider1 (L-R) Spiderman Noir, Peni Parker and Spider ham

Spiderman: Perhaps the most spooky of all the alternative versions of the web, Spiders-Man is from Earth-11580. The superhero is simply thousands of spiders, who have absorbed Peter Parker's consciousness and now disguise themselves as his alter ego. Basically, they are just a bunch of spiders in the costume. We'll give you some time to wrap your head around that!

Spider monkey: The universe of Marvel Apes (Earth-8101) is, as the names suggest, a world where all our superheroes are monkeys. So part of the Apevengers (not a typo) are Iron Mandrill, Hawkape, Juggermonk and our friendly neighborhood Spider-Monkey.

Spider ham :
If you think the Spiderman comics are campier than the rest of the Marvel universe, wait till you hear about Peter Porker. He is a spider bitten by a radioactive pig, turning him into the formidable (there are doubts about that) superhero called Spider ham . The character was voiced by comedian John Mulaney in 'Into The Spider-Verse.'

Peni Parker: This version of Spiderman comes from New York several centuries into the future. Peni Parker is a 14-year-old girl who pilots a mech suit known as SP//dr. The suit and Peni are psychically-linked and in turn, the suit is powered by a radioactive spider. Kimiko Glenn voiced Peni in 'Into The Spider-Verse.'

P1-Paviitr-Prabhakar-Earth-50101 The desi spidey: Pavitra Prabhakar

Pavitra Prabhakar: The desi Spiderman was created under the supervision of Stan Lee himself. Pavitra lives with Uncle Bhim and Aunt Maya (Ben and May Indian-ised), and is in love with Meera Jain (Mary Jane, anyone?) The origin story of this Spiderman is tweaked as he is given his special Spidey powers from an ancient Yogi.