The Center has the right to recommend Mamata Banerjee to stop the political murders in Bengal: Amit Shah

NEW DELHI: BJP-TMC's fight over violence continues with Interior Minister Amit Shah on Monday saying that the Center has the right to advise the chief minister Mamata Banerjee To immediately stop the wave of political assassinations.

Shah rejected the TMC accusation of being selective in issuing warnings to West Bengal while ignoring Uttar Pradesh, and said that the warning to the state governed by TMC was not for local law and order, but for political assassinations.

He responded to Derek O'Brien of TMC in Bihar, where more than 100 children died due to acute encephalitis, and said that the Ministry of the Interior does not issue health notices.

Shah also defended Uttar Pradesh, ruled by the BJP, saying there were no political assassinations in the state since his party came to power.

He said it is Banerjee's constitutional responsibility to stop the political assassinations in West Bengal, as they are not good for a healthy democracy and he has the right to advise the Trinamool Congress chief (TMC) and the CM of West Bengal.

Derek O'Brien is a respected member who regrets against my department that issued two warnings in a week for West Bengal.

He asked me why a notice was not issued for Bihar despite the fact that several children died, Shah said, adding that the Ministry of the Interior issues warnings related to internal security and not for health reasons.

O'Brien replied that he had tried to find out why the Ministry of the Interior had not issued a notice to Uttar Pradesh.

For this, Shah said that the Ministry of the Interior had not issued a notice to West Bengal on any problem of law and order, but for the murder of workers of political parties, since it is a serious threat to democracy.

Instead of raising this issue in Parliament, I would appeal to Mamata Banerjee to restore peace in the state as it is her constitutional responsibility She should do it immediately and I have a right to advise her These political killings are not good for They should be stopped immediately, Shah, who is the BJP chief, said.