Body of Muslim women fighting instant triple talaq urge the government to act against vigilantes

NEW DELHI: who has been in the vanguard of the fight against the triple instantaneous talaq on Monday issued a public statement in which he requested urgent intervention by the government to stop the violence of the vigilante mafia.

We demand that the PMO and the central government give a clear directive to the police and the administration to act strictly against all organizations and marginalized people who indulge in violence against Muslims, as indicated by the last lynching of Tabrez Ansari in, the group of women. has stated in a statement.

Among the many challenges we have faced in the last 5 years, one has been the assertion that we are playing into the hands of the right-wing majority government by talking about triple talaq and its ramifications on women and their families. We have maintained the fight despite this unfounded charge because we know that if we do not fight for gender justice nobody else will, added the co-founder of BMMA.

We hope that the people in the government understand that Muslim women are also affected by these lynchings, says the BMMA statement. Muslim women are forced to choose between their individual rights as women and the survival and welfare of the community guaranteed by the Constitution. Is that an option to which you must submit? Asked the statement.