US lawmakers set up a task force to prevent foreign interference in presidential elections

WASHINGTON: A bipartisan group of seven influential people for the first time on Monday announced the creation of a working group to prevent interference from foreign elements in the, scheduled for November 2020.

The Task Force Sentry will focus on gathering information from experts, working together in the partisan division to promote effective policies and helping to protect the public from misinformation.

In a joint statement, lawmakers said they will introduce legislation to plug holes in existing laws that allow foreign interference and financial influence in the US political process.

We believe that protecting our country from foreign adversaries should never be a supporter, said lawmakers: Elissa Slotkin, Anthony Gonzalez, Abigail Spanberger, Lauren Underwood, Mikie Sherill, Chrissy Houlahan and Xochitl Torres Small.

It is our duty to respond to threats when we see them, and that is what we have been doing for the past eight weeks, to develop new legislation and concrete recommendations on how to prevent any foreign adversary from trying to influence the political system in the US. UU again, they said in reference to Mueller's report, which detailed Russia's effort to wage a war of information about the political system of the United States.

According to the Houlahan legislator, the Mueller report was explicit in its investigation and revelation of a foreign adversary that intervenes in the democratic processes and the electoral systems of the United States.

The members of the working group said they have identified five main vulnerabilities and are working to finalize legislation to address them.

The working group is working to make it more difficult for foreign entities to influence Americans, forcing people or companies to receive information about the source of financing and preventing foreign funding from supporting the campaigns.

It is also working to define the role of social media companies in preventing foreign entities from using their platforms to interfere in US surveys.

The working group also plans to establish a continuous monitoring, analysis and compliance mechanisms to identify threats and tools to prevent external interference through information operations.

During a period marked by massive disinformation campaigns and hostile attacks against electoral systems throughout the world, including potentially adverse actors such as Iran and China, it is essential that Americans have accurate and up-to-date information on the threats we face. said Congressman Spanberger.

A threat to our elections is a threat to our country, he added.