Saroha de Haryana wins gold at Para World Athletics Grand Prix.

CHANDIGARH: from Haryana Amit Kumar Saroha won the first position in the men's event of the F51 club launch in World Grand Prix of Athletics in Tunisia on Monday in the best performance of his season, although it was not very satisfactory for him.

I was sure to win the gold, but I'm also a little disappointed. I wanted to touch the 30-meter mark, but I failed by a blow, Saroha told TOI from Tunisia. He launched the club at 29.48m. Saroha's best race is 30.27m. World Athletics Championships In London, an Asian album.

Dharambir pocketed the silver with a throw of 26.76m.

Saroha, who hails from the village of Sonipat in Bayanpur, was a promising hockey player in his first 20 years until a car accident changed his life. A serious spinal injury left him condemned to a wheelchair. Among the various categories in paraatletism, Saroha's disability is quite serious. He can not move his body down, nor does he have much strength in his arms and hands. But he did not let the incident dissuade him from pursuing his dream of becoming an international athlete.

I can not even hold the stick in my hands, I stick it with glue between my two fingers and then I throw it with all my strength. All thanks to my hard work and dedication that I have done so well against those odds, said Saroha, 34 years old.

Saroha has appeared in two editions of the Paralympics for India; and currently, he is looking for a gold medal at the Tokyo Paralympic Games in 2020.

I lost the bronze for a mustache in Rio in 2016, but this time I'm sure I will not come back empty-handed from Tokyo, he said.

In addition to winning the medal in Tokyo, he has another ambition and is to improve the infrastructure for sports in India.

Forget the sports facilities of the government, even five-star hotels in our country are not suitable for athletes. It is a big concern; but I am sure that we will overcome these obstacles in the coming years if we make concerted efforts, he said.

Saroha is a junior level coach in Sai , Sonipat. He has trained people like Dharambir Singh , Ekta and Rinku, all parastatic winners of medals for the country. Dharambir, who is paralyzed below the waist, took the launch of the club in 2014 under the direction of Saroha.