Naveen asks Modi to stop Polavaram's work

BHUBANESWAR: Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik on Monday he urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to stop working, saying he would submerge many tribal villages and displace several primitive tribes.

I would strongly urge you to intervene kindly in the matter and give adequate instructions to stop the construction work of the Polavaram Project immediately until all outstanding problems are resolved, Naveen wrote in a letter to Modi.

Recalling his previous requests to the prime minister, Naveen reiterated that if the construction work is not stopped immediately, it will have an immense adverse impact on the people living in the Malkangiri tribal district, which will cause the massive displacement of primitive tribes, floods of fertile land agriculture and submersion of large area of ​​forest area .

If the project is allowed to be completed before the resolution of all pending issues, it will cause permanent damage to the interest of the state of Odisha and its people, Naveen wrote, adding that this can be avoided if the dispute is pending before. The Supreme Court is resolved on the matter. In particular, Odisha's requests in the SC questioning the provisional approval and the environmental authorization (EC) for the project are sub judice.

Odisha challenged EC before the multi-purpose national project in Andhra Pradesh in 2005, citing that a public hearing was not held on those affected. The Ministry of Environment and Forests (MOEF) had asked Andhra Pradesh not to start work on February 8, 2011 until an additional evaluation of the project is made. However, the MOEF suspended its order to stop working for six months starting on February 27, 2013. Subsequently, the order was suspended from time to time, which allows the work to continue. Recently, the order remained suspended for two years. Now, the order to stop work is being suspended for an additional period of two years, without taking into account the concerns of the state of Odisha, Naveen wrote to the prime minister.