Wimbledon: Astra 'global' enjoys the rest season

LONDON: For someone who comes from a multilingual environment, Astra Sharma She never imagined herself as a polyglot.

The three brothers (the older brother Ashwin and the younger sister Tara) convinced us that we only wanted to learn English. My parents speak to each other in English, although they speak with their respective parents in Chinese and Hindi, he added. year-old, Western Australian said in Wimbledon Monday.

Astra's father, Devdutt Sharma, is a third-generation Indian born in Singapore and his mother, Susan Tan, with similar Chinese backgrounds.

To put Astra's comments in context, learning a second language is mandatory in Singapore. The obvious choice was Chinese, not only because of her mother's background but also because of the dominant one in the country.

Combined with the strong dislike of children for Chinse and Devdutt's penchant for sports, the family moved to Australia when Astra was around eight years old.

Education is important ... but I did not want hot housing. You know, the registration and more registration, and spelling, etc. I never thought it was a useful way to pass the time, said Father Sharma after seeing his daughter. Leaving the championships with a defeat in the first round.

Astra lowered the American Sofía Kenin 4-6, 2-6, who had upset Serena Williams In the third round of the French Open.

Moving to Australia was a thoughtful decision, but it was not easy. Devdutt had a consultancy in Singapore to take care of and had to travel back and forth.

I was spending a lot of money and I told them they would not have any inheritance, he laughed.

But it has turned out to be a prudent investment and probably a lasting legacy.

Astra is enjoying a rest season. She qualified for the open from Australia and went on to win his first round in singles, apart from reaching the mixed doubles final with compatriot John-Patrick Smith.

He also reached the final of the WTA Tour event on clay in Bogotá, where he also won the doubles title. The sum is that, being in position 225 at the end of 2018, has jumped to 85.

The change really began when he joined Vanderbilt University in Nashville, USA. UU., With a tennis scholarship.

Coach Geoff McDonald was forced to wear a red jersey (staying out of the team's roster) as he was injured the first year in 2014.

That also proved to be a blessing in disguise as Astra had a strong impact in the second year, winning decisive matches in the quarterfinals, semifinals and finals to bring Vanderbilt to the NCAA's first team title. It was declared MVP in 2015.

Returning to their mixed kinship, Astra - Devdutt gave him the name of the Sanskrit word, although he discovered its meaning only later, he ignores having not been influenced by any of them.

No, not really. I have had a quite diverse background. There are aspects of me that I got from my parents, Chinese and Indians. Then, since I grew up in Australia, my friends see me as Australia. And I did it. my university in the USA UU So I am a global person. The flip side of this is that I'm not really part of a group, he said.

That did not mean that she was not interested in knowing her ancestral roots. Devdutt's father, Devendra, returned to India to find his marriage partner Sushila de Azamgarh in UP.

I have always been interested in knowing the ancestral history. I even had a DNA test, my friend gave me a test kit that only shows the ancestral traits.