I make my plays taking into account my daughter: Kedar Shinde

The themes, promotions and contents of a large number of marathi. theater plays now they are planning to keep young boys in mind. This is visible in the way that directors and writers are trying to reach Next gene . Admitting this fact, veteran director. Kedar Shinde , shares, “I make my theater plays keeping my 21-year-old daughter Sana in mind. Agreed that I have been doing theater por más de 30 años, pero hoy también necesito actualizar mis habilidades para seguir siendo relevante para los young boys , dice Shinde.

kedar 2 He adds, “In this digital age, you don’t even have to spend money to reach out to the masses; you just have to use your creativity. That’s exactly what I did for my forthcoming play ‘Wajale Ki Baara’. I took permission from all the actors and came up with an interesting teaser campaign that began in May, although our play will begin in August. Along with several theater lovers, I was recently complimented by adguru Bharat Dabholkar about this particular campaign; I’m thrilled it has worked.”