Jabariya Jodi: the writer Sanjeev K Jha talks about the film and the struggles of being a writer.

Writer Sanjeev K Jha , which is currently preparing for the release of his next film Jabariya Jodi starring Sidharth Malhotra & Parineeti Chopra in lead roles has revealed the shocking conditions of writers in the Hindi film industry & also shares that how he created the story of the film by combining real life incidents occurring in the society.Speaking about the same, he said, "I nevertheless get things easy. I was looking for an assistant director’s job as I wasn’t getting a writing job & for what I was writing, I wasn’t being paid. Bollywood usually doesn’t pay its writers, forget the payment, they doesn’t treat them well, can steal your credit & contribution, although they never get tired of claiming that writing is the backbone of a film.”

Elaborating further, he added, “Can you believe this? The one who is foundation of the industry is on the backseat. Just because writers are not obsessed with stardom or publicity. Situation is worst in literature. Authors & poets die unnoticed in hunger.

Further sharing about how he managed to bag ‘Jabariya Jodi’, Sanjeev averred, “When no one took me as an AD either so I simply went back to writing. I wrote 2-3 scripts, which got stacked into my closet. Then I thought to write a simile family watch love-story & comedy & that’s how I started developing ‘Jabariya Jodi’.”

When asked about where the idea of ​​the story came from, he said: When I was in Bihar, a couple of incidents of this kind occurred around me. I've seen those things, marriages are held by force at gunpoint, to date! You will be surprised to know the data, which I got from the Crime Registry Office. He stated that during certain years, there were more kidnappings for forced marriages than for rescues.

Opening up about the characters of his film, he said, "The characters & story of my film are real. Abhay Singh still stays in my town, Motihari. You can actually meet him! Babli also exists, Parineeti has portrayed her part on screen. All the events that you shall see in the film, I have heard or seen them myself or I have found out by roaming around in Bihar. I cannot write a completely fake story, if it has got nothing to do with reality, then it appears artificial. Yes, it’s true that one needs to spice up the story, but I try to dig that out from the existing real incidents & characters.”

Jabariya Jodi is a film based on the boy kidnapping tradition that prevails in Bihar. Introduced by Ekta Kapoor , Shobha Kapoor, & Shailesh R Singh, the film is directed by Prashant Singh & is all set to hit the silver screens on August 2, 2019.