Private schools forced to admit 15 PC students from weaker sections

NEW DELHI: All private and special category schools are required to admit in Class 1 or below at least 25 percent of students belonging to weaker sections and disadvantaged groups, the Ministry of Development said on Monday. Human Resources of the Ramesh Pokhriyal 'Nishank' Union in the Lok Sabha.

Pokhriyal said that the Law on the right of the child to free and compulsory education entered into force on April 1, 2010 and the Law makes primary education a fundamental right of all children in the age group of 6 to 14 years.

Section 12 of the Act requires all special category schools with private assistance, and private schools without assistance to admit in Class 1 or less, to the extent of at least 25 percent of the strength of that class, children who belong to weaker sections and disadvantaged groups. Provide free and compulsory education until its completion, said during the hour of questions.

The minister said that the TEN Law under article 12 (2) also provides for the reimbursement of expenses to schools that provide free and compulsory primary education, as specified in article 12 (1) (c).

The school will be reimbursed for the expenses it incurs, to the extent that it incurs the expense for a child incurred by the state, or the actual amount charged by the child; whichever is less, in the way indicated.

Provided that when said school already has the obligation to provide free education to a specific number of children for having received any land, building, equipment or other facilities, either free of charge or at a preferential price, said schools shall not be entitled to reimbursement. to the extent of that obligation, he said.

Pokhriyal said that education is on the concurrent list and that most of the schools are under the administrative control of the states and territories of the union, therefore, it is up to the state administrations and the UT affected to guarantee the correct implementation of the RTE Act, prescribe the neighborhood norms and the school admission mechanism including costs per child eligible for reimbursement.