Execution of the RMHS contract awarded by NMDC: BHEL

New Delhi, July 1 () State engineering firm BHEL said on Monday that it is executing a Rs 1,395 million NMDC contract to build a raw material handling system at the steel plant integrated in the construction of the mining company in Nagarnar. , Chhattisgarh.

Last week, the country's largest iron ore miner, NMDC, issued a notice of termination to BHEL for delaying the contract awarded in 2011.

The date of completion of the work was on February 28, 2014.

A pre-termination notice was received dated June 26, 2019 from NMDC, requesting BHEL to take the necessary corrective measures to remedy or take measures to remedy it within the next 14 days with a realistic approach to complete the work of the balance, said BHEL A regulatory presentation.

A contract to build a raw material handling system (RMHS) at the NMDC plant under construction in Nagarnar is being executed by ISG Bengaluru, which is a division of BHEL, he said.

The engineering firm said it has already completed most of the contractual scope of work and is in constant dialogue with NMDC to solve the above problem.

However, a source reporting on the notice sent to NMDC last week had said that even after continuous monitoring at the NMDC and ministerial levels, BHEL is not accelerating the work of the project. The progress of the work has been abysmal, and even today, after approximately 94 months since the beginning of the contract; The raw material management system is far from the completion stage, said the source. ABI BAL