BJP daydreaming about the destabilization of the government of Karnataka: HD Kumaraswamy after the resignation of MLA

BENGALURU: Bharatiya Janata Party He continues to daydream about the destabilization, said the prime minister. HD Kumaraswamy After the MLA Congress, Anand Singh, presented his resignation to the legislative assembly on Monday, which prompted speculation that more congressional legislators could also resign.

I am in the ceremony of laying the foundations of the Kalabhairaveshwara temple. I'm watching TV channels. Destabilizing the government is just a continuous dream of BJP , Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy tweeted.

Congress legislator Anand Singh announced on Monday his resignation from the Karnataka legislative assembly, reducing the majority of the coalition government of Congress-Janata Dal (secular) in the state.

After the departure of Anand Singh, the Congress will have 79 seats and JD (S) 37 in the Assembly of Karnataka of 225 members.

Congress leader DK Shivakumar, who was instrumental in getting Singh to switch from the BJP ahead of state elections last year, expressed shock at his resignation but said there is no threat to the government.

I spoke with CM today and there is no threat to this government. Nobody leaves and there will be no elections. No one can dream of any government, Shivakumar said when asked about the rumors of instability in the Karnataka government.

BJP legislator Jagadish Shettar, however, said that the collapse of the Congress-JD (S) Karnataka government is imminent.

Many congressmen and JD (S) MLA are dissatisfied with this government and, as a result, Anand Singh has resigned from the legislative assembly. Therefore, it is the starting point of the collapse of this government and, at any moment, this government can collapse, said former CM Jagadish Shettar.